Psychosocial risks and stress at the workplace


Psychosocial risks such as work-related stress, mobbing, discrimination or sexual harassment are relevant challenges in all companies. They heavily affect the health of individuals and have a negative influence on your company's success. Early detection and suitable interventions protect against unnecessary stress and resulting burn-out.

AEH experts support you in the early detection of problem areas and the development of suitable concepts and targeted measures.

Concept and advice

In order to avoid psychosocial risks, we support you according to your needs: from drawing up a regulation to training supervisors to determining stress factors and designing healthy working conditions.

Stress management

In our courses or consultations, we help employees to recognise their areas of pressure and learn how to handle them:

"My personal stress management" course (in German only)

This course makes participants aware of their own reactions to stress and of the responsible factors. They learn measures to manage stressful situations. This can be supported by the latest methods, e.g. A 48-hour portable measurement of heart rate variability “HRV”.

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Self-management - a core competence course

During the course, participants get to know the various aspects of self-management. They analyse their corresponding personal strengths and weaknesses to improve their self-management competence. Participants choose 4 strategies amongst these to practice after the course in order to train them independently and consistently.

“Psychosocial risks and stress at the workplace” course (in German only)

The workshop raises awareness of the importance of psychosocial risks and teaches supervisors their obligations and how to take them into account.

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External Trust Office

Just a joke or already bullying? In our occupational medicine consultations or with our offer External Trust Office (link), we support your employees in mentally stressful situations. Whether they are due to conflicts, violation of integrity or overload. In an anonymous initial consultation, our trusted staff assess the situation and indicate ways and assistance. If needed, the company is contacted or a medical referral is made to a specialist.

Coaching for managers

Specific coaching offers are available for employees in management positions (Executive Coaching). The reason for coaching is often psychosocial stress in the personal or professional area when the affected persons are overwhelmed by a situation and feel they have reached the end of their resources. Stress can include: Conflicts in the team and at work, private stressful situations, stress, threatened burn-out, etc. Coaching can activate, support resources and provide an important contribution to finding solutions and managing problems.

AEH corporate health experts offer comprehensive knowledge for Corporate Health Management. The team consists of occupational physicians, occupational hygienists, safety engineers, ergonomists and occupational psychologists. We are always available for detailed analysis and advice.


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