Occupational medicine


AEH corporate health experts support employees and employers from a single source. We support companies for all medical concerns, for example with regular visits of workstations, suitability evaluations and screenings of employees or personal advice on health problems that have an effect on work or are linked to it.

Goals of occupational medicine - as a part of Corporate Health Management:

  • Protection of employees against work-related hazards
  • Medical suitability evaluation for risk areas (driving ability, heat, shifts, ...)
  • Determination of the ability to work/to be reintegrated after an illness or accident
  • Avoidance of occupational diseases or work-related health problems
  • Promotion of physical and mental health and performance
  • Maintaining ability to work and employability

The AEH team’s field of activity in occupational medicine:

Our occupational physicians are trusted by employers and employees. As experts on occupational diseases and work-related health problems and on their prevention, they mediate between the medical profession, companies and corporate partners. The ultimate goal is to influence the working environment positively in a sustainable way, to increase productivity, to optimise costs and to reduce absences. They are mainly active in the following areas:

  • Company physician services
  • Suitability evaluations and check-ups
  • Medical assessment by a medical examiner
  • Traffic medical examinations
    - Level II: higher vehicle category (truck, bus, taxi)
    - Level III: prescribed driving aptitude assessments

AEH corporate health experts offer comprehensive knowledge for Corporate Health Management. The team consists of occupational physicians, occupational hygienists, safety engineers, ergonomists and occupational psychologists. 

We are always available for detailed analysis and advice.

Company physician services

AEH supports companies in various industries. If necessary, employees with health needs can attend an occupational health consultation in Zurich or Berne or have themselves examined at their company.

  • Suspicion of an occupational illness 
    A medical specialist assesses the existence of an occupational illness (e.g. asthma caused by baking additives, isocyanate or wood dust, skin diseases such as allergic contact eczema, etc.) and recommends relevant measures.
  • Occupational medicine support in the framework of FCOS guideline 6508.
    Support of companies and industry ASA solutions to comply with FCOS guideline 6508. Our services include risk evaluations, first aid assistance as well as all other occupational health issues.
  • Risk analyses for maternal protection
    Risk analyses for maternal protection according to the maternal protection ordinance.
  • Medical insurance advice 
    Advice on medical insurance issues relating to accidents or illnesses (e.g. plausibility of medical certificates, support in professional integration, chances of pension payment)
  • Consultations in case of psychosocial problems and suspected burnout
    Counselling of staff in case of suspected violation of personal integrity or suspicion of a stress-related illness (e.g. burnout).
  • Expert reports
    Assessment of specific risks, disease clusters or the like.
  • Check-up and health consultations
    From a simple check-up to determine an individual’s health situation in relation to the principal risk factors that can be influenced (obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and blood-sugar levels (HbA1c); lack of fitness/endurance, poor nutrition, harmful effects of smoking) to comprehensive check-ups, we take care of employees and give advice in case of health problems such as obesity, sleeping or mental problems at the workplace.
  • Addiction problems
    When an addiction is suspected, our medical staff carry out relevant diagnostic assessments and provide assistance with advice, regular progress monitoring and, if necessary, referral to therapeutic institutions for the treatment of addictions. We also offer information events and workshops on this subject at the company.
  • Vaccinations (annual flu vaccinations; vaccinations for occupational risks, e.g. In the health sector, social workers, police, forestry)
  • Travel medicine advice

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