Human Factors


Our Human Factors specialists design processes, activities, products, environments and systems in such a way that they correspond best to the needs and capabilities of the employees. The more complex the system, the more dynamic the change process, and so the more important it is to ideally combine the typical capabilities of people and technology.

The interdisciplinary AEH expert team, composed of certified ergonomists (Eur.Erg.,, psychologists and physicians, is aware of the challenges posed to a product or process by the biomechanical, physiological, cognitive and mental characteristics of human beings and has broad knowledge of current standards and trends.

Analysis and design of work systems

When is it useful to use a machine or a robot? Does line production make sense in your company? Do you need more creativity, networked thinking, social interaction and empathy? How is your ideal information system designed? AEH corporate health experts prepare these questions with your team and develop relevant concepts.

Human beings in the centre

In using “human centred design”, we place human beings in the centre and adapt the technological environment to the individual in the best possible way. Tasks, responsibilities and interfaces are determined to create an optimal interaction between human beings and machines.

Ergonomic product design

A high quality product must fulfil customers’ expectations. This includes the explicit needs, but also the requirements resulting from the physiological and cognitive characteristics of the person involved (e.g. key size, menu control for intuitive use, hardness of an upholstery, etc.).

Despite a lasting trend towards personalisation, the "inclusive design" approach will become more important because of demographic change: this means designing products and services in such a way that they correspond to the needs of “all” human beings as far as possible.

Best Practice: Bed systems

AEH advises Bico, as well as the entire Hilding Anders group - one of Europe's leading bed and mattress manufacturers ( - in the development of sleeping systems. The relevant dimensions for high quality sleep were developed together, as well as the “Sleep Lab” test and development centre


AEH+ - Certified Quality

The AEH corporate health experts verify and audit the test procedure and award it and other high quality products the “AEH+ swiss approved” quality label. We will be glad to give you more information at any time.


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