Corporate Health competence centre


The new Corporate Health competence centre supports all interested companies!

You have access via a simple service hotline to services corresponding to your needs, from the preservation of your employees’ health to support in case of illness. These may include insurance medical questions, direct referrals to specialists, the plausibility of medical certificates, trusted physician consultations or Case Management. We help you find the right path.

The Corporate Health competence centre also supports you in preventing incapacity to work. We show you health risks within the company and can address them. With the HealthReport, individual training courses and other prevention offers, absenteeism is reduced and productivity increases.

Tailored and cost-transparent solutions for your company

The Corporate Health competence centre services tailored and cost-transparent offers ranging from the Corporate Health Light to the Corporate Health Premium packages. These packages contain the desired services at a fixed price and make Corporate Health Management (CHM) profitable.

Corporate Health competence centre

The Corporate Health competence centre is a cooperation between AEH Zentrum für Arbeitsmedizin, Ergonomie und Hygiene AG and the Medbase group and offers wide-ranging expertise in the field of corporate health. For many years, both companies have been in charge of companies, insurance companies and industry federations in the fields of occupational safety, health protection, reintegration and health management.


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