Case Management


Awareness raising of positive health behaviour as an active process is ideally an integral part of your corporate strategy.

The AEH team supports the evaluation of the best possible medical assessment and treatment and advises all people and entities involved. At the AEH competence centres in Zurich, Berne and Lausanne, AEH corporate health experts offer broad knowledge in all the fields of social and professional reintegration, from a single source. Internal synergies and our case mangers’ interdisciplinary collaboration create added value for your company.

  • Quick decisions relating to treatments, workstation or medical assessments to determine physical performance
  • No long and cost-intensive waiting times
  • Accelerated reintegration into the work process
  • Early planning of the return to work in cooperation with physicians, insurance companies, line supervisors and HR.
  • Case coordination by AEH Case Management relieves line supervisors and HR.
  • Cost-intensive disabilities are reduced, which has a positive influence on the evolution of risk premiums and cost optimising.
  • The active reintegration of employees who are no longer in the work process has an important influence on self-esteem, empowerment, as well as motivation and future commitment.
  • Comprehensive CHM activities, including corporate Case Management (CCM) are an image boost for your company and an important factor in recruiting future talents.

The AEH Case Management team can offer you the following services as an independent neutral company:

Specific Case Management for insurance companies
The contract is awarded by social security or a private income-loss or accident insurance.

Corporate Case Management (CCM)
The contract is awarded directly by the company as an integral part of Corporate Health Management (CHM). Ethical aspects and our clients’ data protection provisions are always respected and fulfilled. This is also the case for the “Case Management Switzerland” network standards.

CCM goals and benefits

Corporate Case Management (CCM) is a useful addition to your absence management.

The comprehensive services of the AEH Case Management Team at a glance:

  • Everything from a single source for all types of companies and fields
  • If necessary, we complement and relieve your internal Case Management
    (for example in particularly complex cases)
  • Achieving the goal together: Speedy and complete professional reintegration of employees with long-lasting inability to work or an increased risk of disablement.
CM process

The phases of the AEH Case Management process:

  • Getting started: Registration, distribution of assignments and roles
  • Assessment: First consultation, standardised interview
  • Planning: Goal setting, planning of specific measures
  • Realisation: Implementation of measures
  • Evaluation: Case end, evaluation of goal achievement and satisfaction

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