Absence management


When an employee is ill, supervisors must distribute his or her work and tasks to colleagues and/or reorganise everything. The longer the person is ill, the more difficult this can become, because the additional workload affects the team. The consequences can be constant demotivation, increasing failure rates, and, in the worst case, further absences of employees.

AEH corporate health experts support you in order to establish successful absence management in the context of health management. Sooner or later, your company will be unable to deal with high levels of absenteeism.

Implementation of absence management (AM)

AEH supports you within the scope of an individual project in the design and implementation of absence management. This aims to reduce absences due to illness or accidents, to support employees when they return to work and to avoid disablement for health reasons as much as possible.

We understand AM as a defined process with systematic interviews after each absence. These are carried out in an appreciative manner and determine the problem and need for support. During these discussions, targeted measures can be introduced to avoid further absences or to ensure rapid reintegration. Additionally, data management and interfaces with support proposals are introduced.

The AEH team gives support in the following areas:

  • Needs determination
    Needs determination assesses the current handling of absences, the absenteeism situation and the needs of management on the basis of figures and analysis workshops.

  • Concept design and data management
    On the basis of the needs analysis, the processes and relevant documents are created.

  • “Return interview” leadership training
    Participants know the “absence management” process and their own role. The training allows you to lead return interviews appropriately, to detect problems early and to support employees in their reintegration.

  • “Return interview” refresher leadership training
    During a half-day workshop, leaders exchange experiences and receive practical tips.

Absence management (AM)

AEH experts support you in the implementation of your AM in the following areas:

  • Short coaching for supervisors
    Supervisors are supported if necessary in case of questions and problems in handling employees who are ill or have had an accident.

  • Medical counselling
    The medical situation and the ability to work resulting therefrom are determined and, if necessary, further steps like occupational medicine counselling or medical examiner assessments are indicated.

  • Case Management for reintegration at the workplace
    In complex situations, a detailed assessment can be carried out after discussions with the company and any insurance companies. When there are good chances of success, a Case Management can be undertaken with the following steps: measure planning, reintegration plan, Case Management and final evaluation. You will find more information on the subject in the Case Management section.

  • Coaching
    The reason for coaching is often psychosocial stress in the personal or professional area when the affected persons are overwhelmed by a situation or a decision and feel they have reached the end of their resources. Stress can include: Conflicts in the team and at work, private stressful situations, stress, threatened burn-out, etc. The offer is intended for the affected person or their supervisor (executive coaching).

  • Support management
    Data analysis and evaluations of the course of absences. Absences are evaluated according to need and preventive or other measures are indicated.

AEH corporate health experts offer comprehensive knowledge for Corporate Health Management. The team consists of occupational physicians, ergonomists and case managers. We are always available for detailed analysis and advice.


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