Corporate Health Management

Your contribution to appropriate working conditions and the health literacy of all employees


Systematic Corporate Health Management approaches the subject of health within the company holistically and on various levels. It bundles all activities and establishes appropriate structures and processes for safe and healthy working conditions as well as achieving sufficient health literacy for all employees.

AEH corporate health experts offer comprehensive knowledge for Corporate Health Management. The team consists of occupational physicians, ergonomists, occupational psychologists and case managers.

We are always available for detailed analysis and advice.



“Our staff are the most valuable asset in our company. This is why their health, motivation and performance are a strategic subject. The AEH corporate health experts supported us in the systematic and coordinated implementation of targeted measures.”


“In our company, we have many different opportunities to promote our employees’ health. With healthy work structuring, recreational areas, healthy catering and targeted further training. Lifestyle and personal attitude have an influence on the well-being, motivation, performance and health of our employees.”


“AEH Case Management is intended to reintegrate people into the workplace and includes counselling and support of people who have been ill or had an accident, in order to quickly and durably reintegrate them in the work process.”


“Under high cost pressure, a changing market and competition and a constantly and quickly changing working environment, preserving the health and working ability of our employees is a major challenge.”


“Development, manufacturing and service companies all need an ideally designed working environment in order to remain innovative and productive as a company.”

Focal points


“Since the introduction of the new absence management system, we have not only been able to better monitor the number of sick days, but have also noticed a pleasing decrease in absences. AEH corporate health experts have also shown us how to reintegrate employees successfully after long absences from work.”


“In the framework of the new design of our Corporate Health Management, our employees, the HR department and the entire leadership team benefit from the AEH corporate health experts’ knowledge. For example in the early detection of health problems, in monitoring, support and reintegration.”


“Today, thanks to AEH corporate health experts’ support, I can better assume my responsibility as a supervisor when handling psychosocial risks and stress at the workplace, detect problems early and act in a targeted manner.”


“I work in a modern open-space office that our team took over a few months ago. I am increasingly occupied with neck and back tensions. The AEH corporate health experts showed us on site how to adjust our office infrastructure and gave us valuable practical tips.”


“The analysis and adaptive arrangement of our organisation, working conditions, technical systems and the design of relevant training measures are an integral part of our corporate strategy. The AEH corporate health experts supported us in achieving our main goals.”


“Do you employ staff who are present but who are not able to perform at 100% due to health problems (e.g. headaches, fatigue, lack of concentration)? Or employees who are absent for health reasons? This causes your company productivity losses, absenteeism and extra spending for personnel management.”

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